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Typo3 CMS Customization

Typo3, is a content management system. Normally when you manage a website you must,

  • Create your basic outline or template
  • Think about your structure
  • Create the menus for navigating your website
  • Create your pages by copying your template
  • Upload by FTP your webpages

Then when you add a new page, once the initial site is running, you need to

  • Create the page
  • Modify the menus on every page of your website
  • Re-upload the updated page

Typo3 manages your templates, your menus and your pages for you so that you can work on the content of your site and not on it's format. Once your template is created by the special script for creating your menus it is easy to use a very simple series of forms to manage your website. It is so simple to use, anyone can use it. No need to know any HTML, no need to understand commands or tags. A company can take advantage of the fact that Typo3 has a user management directory that can allow or deny certain operations for users or group of users. As such, sales persons can be allowed to modify the sales sections of the website, but refused to modify any other sections of the website.

Similarly when your template is modified, you need to modify every page of your website. Several programs such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver help you in your tasks but you still need to upload your pages every time.

Our Typo3 services include

  • Typo3 Design templates
  • Typo3 Design integration
  • Typo3 Module installation
  • Client specific custom Typo3 modification and customization
  • Client specific custom content adding and managing

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